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In order to prepare our children to be productive and responsible citizens, the Mission of the Little Egg Harbor Township School District is to develop and maintain a collaborative and nurturing learning environment fostering individual abilities and encouraging all children to achieve their highest potential. We expect all children to meet or exceed the grade level benchmarks set forth in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS). 


OCTOBER 2, 2015 7:35 am
Dear Families: 

School will resume today as scheduled. Please note: Hide tide is scheduled between 2:00 and 3:00 today and this may affect bus routes at dismissal. If you live in a flood area, specially off of Twin Lakes Blvd., it is suggested that you pick your child up from school today. If you plan on picking your child up from school today due to the anticipation of flooding, please call the school by 9:00 am. Please check Facebook and the website for updates. 

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The Little Egg Harbor School District would like  to welcome you to a new school year and a brand new web site!

George J Mitchell Frog Pond Elementary RCW Early Childhood Center LEH Community School

Regional Professional Development Academy

The Regional Professional Development Academy’s office is located at the Southard Elementary School in Howell Township. Our mailing address is: P. O. 687, Howell, NJ 07731. Our phone number is (732) 252-0499. Deb Smith will be handling all inquiries and registrations for the RPDA workshops. Our Business Office is located in Little Egg Harbor. The mailing address is: Little Egg Harbor BOE, 307 Frog Pond Road, Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087. Ann Facemyer provides us with all our Business Office support. Our website address is: www.lehsd.k12.nj.us/rpda/welcome.html

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Welcome Mrs. McCooley
Welcome Mrs. McCooley
We are pleased to welcome Mrs. McCooley

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

The Little Egg Harbor School District has instituted new policies for Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying. Links to the policies can be found below. Please select your language of choice.

To view the Little Egg Harbor HIB Self Assessment report, please click here.

Affirmative Action Officer:  Erin Lichtenwalner
Email:  elichtenwalner@lehsd.k12.nj.us
Phone:  (609) 296-1719 X1029





Superintendent's Message

Melissa Ann McCooley

As a former community member and 1994 graduate of Pinelands Regional High School, I am truly honored to be serving as your superintendent. Growing up in this warm and nurturing environment, I experienced first-hand the level of support that all students deserve. I believe that leadership is defined as utilizing one’s innate traits, developed abilities, and life lessons to cultivate a collaborative environment while empowering all stakeholders in a quest to reach a common goal. Parents play a key role in the emotional growth and academic success of their children. School administrators, teachers, and support staff are the backbone of our educational institutions. Working together, with the compassion we possess regarding education, student success is inevitable. The word “no” is not an option for our students because they are capable of accomplishing great things. YES I CAN!! 

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