The Maritime Forest

by Eric V.

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     Wedged between Great Bay Boulevard and the Tuckerton Creek salt marsh is a rare maritime forest. It was once part of an unbroken chain of maritime forests along New Jersey's coastline. Most maritime forests were cut down for farmlands and homesteads by colonial settlers, and very little of it exists today. The Tuckerton Seaport's maritime forest was once cut down for farming, but it has grown  back to its natural state over the past century. Many species of plants and animals live here, partly because of the rich soil caused by clam and oyster shells that were once used as fertilizer.

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The trail begins at the Bartlett House. Watch out for poison ivy on the trail. The air feels cool because the trees are blocking the sun.  The soil is rough on top so it's hard to dig.  It's easier to dig if you go down a few inches because many roots are close to the surface. You can use all your senses to find interesting things!    The trail ends at the salt marsh by the sawmill.

Bartlett Homestead

Sea Captain's House







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