Barnegat Bay Sneakbox

The Barnegat Bay Sneakbox is used for duck hunting. It is built of white Jersey Cedar.

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Captain Hazelton Seaman built and designed the first sneakbox, the "Devil's Coffin," in 1836, in West Creek(Eagleswood Twp), New Jersey.

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In order to bend the wood, builders place it in the sun. To keep the deck from leaking, canvas is put on by staples. wpe7.jpg (11396 bytes)
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On the new sneakboxes, fiberglass is put on to protect the wood. It has rudders on the bottom, which help get on top of ice. Builders have their own style of building, so they can be built of different sizes. However, the average size is fourteen to sixteen feet. It takes approximately one hundred-sixty hours to build a sneakbox.


The Marine Railway helped slide newly made sneakboxes and other boats into the water.  Once the sneakbox was in the water it could be rowed using oars, sailed or moved by its outboard motor.

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The sneakbox is also used for clamming and hunting.  If the weather becomes bad, it can also be used for protection.  The sneakbox can be complicated at times when in the process of building. However, when it is finished, it is very simple and fun to use!

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