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The Kite Fighters

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In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

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Fat One and Rooster

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Kites and Legends
Laurence Yep Gold Rush Kite Geography
Learning about Laurence Yep Wikipedia--Gold Rush International Culture(scroll down)
Wikipedia Laurence Yep The California Gold Rush Kites from Around the World
History of China and Kites Untold Stories Names for Kites from Around the World
History of kites Reference Library

Kite Geography
Kites from Around the World

History of Chinese Invention--The Kite Eyewitness to History Names from around the world
Kite History Exploring the Californina Gold Rush More about Kites
History of Chinese Kites PBS The Gold Rush What is a Kite?
Chinese Kites The Discovery of Gold Wikipedia:  What is a Kite?
History All about the Gold Rush How to fly a kite
Kites The Gold Rush and the Chinese Why kites fly
Events in the history of kites The Chinese Kite Safety
Kite History Timeline Gold Rush Kite Flight, Safety First
A Brief History of Kites Gold Rush History Forces on a Kite
Angel Island Earthquake Principles of aeronautics
Immigration Station Chinese Displacement How to measure the wind
Angel Island Immigaration Station Foundation Earthquake and Fire Newspaper Clippings Why kites fly
General History of Angel Island Wikipedia and Earthquake Where wind comes from
Angel Island Earthquake and effects on Chinatown Kite math problems
Wikipedia Angel Island The 1906 Earthquake and Fire Build a Kite
Immigrant Journeys The Earthquake Kite Plans
The History of Angel Island PBS Parts of a Kite
Online News Hour--Angel Island Eyewitness to History Kite Vocabulary
Angel Island Poetry The Great 1906 Earthquake How a kite stays up in the air
Understanding Primary Sources 5:12 AM April 18, 1906 Kinds of kites
The many uses of Angel Island The California Earthquake Virtual Kite Zoo
Wright Brothers Kite History Plans that are easy to make
Wikipedia--The Wright Brothers Where do kites come from? Aeronautics and kites
Time Magazine and The Wright Brothers Overview of the history of kites Nasa-Beginners Guide to Kites
The Wright Bothers Five people who changed history Nasa-Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics
Wilbur and Orville Historic Kite Events Kite Launch
The Wright Brothers and Invention Kites - Balloons - Airships Early history of flight
The Wright Brothers first flight History and more History of Flight
The Wright Story History of Kites All About Aviation, Flight and Kites
Celebrate the Centennial of Flight Flight

Articles to read about kites

Articles and information about kites Kite Society published articles High Tech Kite