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A German doctor named Rudolph Goldschmidt invented the Tuckerton Wireless.   A German company constructed the main parts of the tower on May 21, 1912 and completed it in 1914. In 1920 the Radio Corporation of America bought it, and the pieces were shipped to America. The Americans finished the tower on Hickory Island which is three miles south of Tuckerton on Great Bay. It overlooked the shipping lanes of the Atlantic coast. When they were finished building it, the measurement of this building was 865 feet tall and 20 feet wide. The Tuckerton Wireless covered 200 acres of land.

Did you know that this 865 foot tall building was actually balanced on a huge, solid steal ball? They did this to keep it from falling down when heavy winds came.  On top was a pole, which was 60 feet tall and16 inches diameter.  The Wireless used 500,000 volts of power.  It was 76 stories tall which was three times taller than the Statue of Liberty. There were three huge, massive cable blocks on the ground that had wires coming from the blocks up to the tower. Although they were cable blocks, they also helped to hold up the building. The first block was placed on North Ensign Drive, the second block was placed on South Ensign Drive, and the third block was placed on Staysail Drive. The wireless had five rooms with living quarters. The Great Tuckerton Wireless was demolished December 27, 1955. The Tuckerton  Wireless was an important place.

wireless beacon 2.jpg (33224 bytes)

Glass from Tuckerton Wireless beacon

wireless transmitter.jpg (37875 bytes)

Tuckerton Wireless Transmitter

wireless riggin.jpg (39257 bytes)

Tuckerton Wireless Riggin

bosun chair.jpg (34219 bytes)

The Wireless Bosun Chair

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