R-Controlled Vowels

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Word Study Resource Within Word - pp. 34 - 45
Words Their Way (Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton, Johnston) Second Edition pp. 187-188,191,199-200, 206, 209, 358, 373
Teaching Phonics & Word Study in the Intermediate Grades (Blevins) pp. 93, 95- 97, 145-149, 167, 170, 181 - 183
Upper-Grade Phonics, Creative Teaching Press

p. 46

Board Games Frog System
Fast Track Decodable Text ~ Wright Group McGraw-Hill Purl the Bird (One Syllable Words with R-Controlled Vowels)
The Wright Group ~ Decodable Text Book Sets The Farm Party (r-controlled a)
  Stormy Story (r-controlled o)
   The Summer Mermaid (r-contolled e, i, u)
  The Ants and the Grasshopper (R-controlled vowels)
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